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Boxing Skills and Drills

Allister is a registered Certified Elite Hatton Academy boxing skills & drills instructor, and has a background of Thai Boxing and trains at Nemesis gym in Erith http://nemesisfitnessgym.com/

Why should you exercise and what are the benefits?
APC Fitness

Benefits Of Exercise

Improved muscle tone and strength
Increased flexibility
Reduced risk of injury
Improved bone density
Improved balance
Loss of fat
Increased self esteem and confidence
Increased cardio-vascular function (a stronger heart and better circulation)

Why should I start exercising?

Lead a healthier and more active life
Regain your figure after pregnancy
Improve your body sculpt and strength
Improve your posture
Lose excess fat
Look and feel your best
Enhance your sporting performance

Whats Your Aim?

Reduced stress
Increased relaxation
Lower blood cholesterol levels
Lower blood pressure
Lower risk of heart disease
Reduced risk of diabetes
Overall feeling of health and general well-being
Increased respiratory function (healthier and stronger lungs)
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